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My blog has always been my creative escape. 2015 was an interesting year for me and 2016 has already kicked off with a bang with my second tour of Korat and shooting for a major hotel in Phnom Penh.


I have no idea what the future holds anymore. My dream was always to be an actor and to travel the world modelling. Now, I’m just living in the moment, trying to keep out of trouble and grow my creative agency here in Bangkok. 


 I live a very simple life in Bangkok and keep to myself. I only have a handful of friends here. It’s hard for a westerner to make real friends in Thailand. I’m lucky that I have an international network of people who support and love me. 


 Being a model, actor or blogger can be seen as a 'wannabe' thing to do. Anyone can call themselves a model or actor these days. People are always judging you or gossiping about what you’re doing. I’m a creative and VERY sensitive person. I hate it when someone comments something negative about me in social media. I try not and let the online bullying get to me but the trauma is already deep inside my veins.


I've been bullied my whole life. From primary and high school to now the fashion industry in Bangkok. I was always different, opinionated and very vocal in what I wanted to do with my life. I don't come from a rich family but I come from a family of hard workers, who are fighting to create a better life.


 My blog is about me expressing myself and being creative. There's no one telling me what I should wear or how I should look. I love experimenting with different styles and wearing clothing that everyone can afford. Sometimes, I will have my blog translated into Thai as most of my followers are from Thailand and Laos. 


 I hope you enjoy my creative journey and keeping things real in 2016. My goals for this year is to toughen up, continue learning Thai and to live happily in a country that I love so much. 


 This is me !!! I have bad grammar and I write what I'm currently feeling but hopefully I can relate to people reading my blog. Thank you for reading and the suit that I'm wearing is from Thai brand Pinky Tailor. The tie was actually $1 from a second hand store in Cambodia. 



Sunny Burns




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