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Wednesday, 14 October | Explore


The best thing about living in Thailand is exploring the different provinces. I recently was invited to Koh Lipe which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Lipe in a nutshell is underdeveloped, peaceful and life on the island is simple. If you're looking for an island that's luxurious with many things to do, I would advise to visit Phuket.


Koh Lipe was just what I needed. The island is infested with street dogs which resulted in many new friendships - I'm that crazy guy who feeds the dogs. The island also has amazing restaurants and the price of activities such as snorkelling and island tours are much cheaper compared to other islands I've visited in Thailand.  


 In this editorial, I'm wearing clothing from Bangkok-based clothing shop called Onion BKK. They stock many interesting local and international brands. They also have a coffee shop built inside serving some of the best coffee I've had in Thailand.


 I wanted to create a look that's colourful and fun. Wearing a jumper in tropical weather is not practical but the yellow helped balance out the two different prints on the hat and shorts. 


What He's Wearing? 

Hat: Palini 

Jumper: La Paz

Shorts: Battenwear 


All clothing featured in this shoot are available from Onion BKK 

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