Sunny Burns
What's He Wearing?
The Casualist

I wore this vintage shopping in downtown Bangkok. My favourite places to go shopping in Bangkok includes Town In Town, Esplanade Train Market and Huai Khwang (behind the fresh food market). My inner hipster was alive and kicking that today wearing a mixture of Zara and H&M from my own wardrobe. 

I'm a little untraditional when it comes to wearing a blazer. When it comes to street fashion, I don't mind my sleeves showing a little more as I feel that it gives the look an edge and makes the blazer look less formal. I brought the shirt from Zara in Kuala Lumpur and I love how the 'Wild Animal' print makes the outfit a little more playful.  Wearing a hat and doing the top button up is always optional - have fun with it, experiment and don't take things too seriously...

What's He Wearing:

Blazer: Zara
Shirt: Zara 
Jeans: H&M
Hat: Brooklyn Nets 


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