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Koh Shinjuku
Monday, September 28 | Explore

Beach fashion should be cheap and inexpensive. I don't believe in splurging out on clothing that will end up being sandy, salty or stained from sunscreen. I knew I was heading to Koh Lipe, so I needed to find clothing that was suitable for the trip. 

All shirts featured in this blog post are from a vintage/secondhand shop in Town in Town (BKK) called Shinjuku Outlet. I have a love-hate relationship with this shop. It's my favourite shop in Thailand but the layout of the building is extremely unorganised and their IG is never updated. It's so important for a fashion business to have a strong social media following. This shop really has the potential of being the hub for all things secondhand. These photos are a gift to you because I love your shop.

I've found so many amazing pieces in this shop with prices ranging from 20baht to 100baht. Shinjuki Outlet is where all the young Thai fashion designers and hipsters go to find hidden treasures. There's also a lot of winter wear sold here which is not suitable for Thailand's climate but if you're planning on visiting the snow or maybe a dress up party (with lots of aircon) than this shop is also for you as well. Boys, If you're like me and have no waist, i've found it really hard to find trousers in my size as most of the sizes are 33 +++++ 
I wanted to feature shirts that was affordable for everyone but fashionable at the same time. When I'm at the beach, it's not about looking perfect - it's about relaxing, being a bludger (Keegilat) and trying not to get sunburnt. I love wearing oversized shirts at the beach not only to protect me from the sun but to keep me cool at the same time as all the fabrics I choose were light. 

All shirts featured in this photo collection are from Shinjuku Outlet and the total price for four shirts was 100baht (3 American dollars). Check out this store out and let me know what you think?

Photos by Jeeraw
Location: The Bella Vista Beach Resort, Koh Lipe, Thailand.  

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