Sunny Burns
My Rooftop Escape
20 july 2015 | Explore

Australian model Sunny Burns returns to The Fashionisto with a new story fresh from Huai Khwang. Connecting with fashion photographer Namedmechoo, Sunny takes in a day of relaxation, enjoying a rooftop pool. Styled by Maya Wong, Sunny is pictured in colorful summer fashions and swim shorts from easy brands such as Zara and H&M. 


Image 1: Blazer by Zara, T-shirt from Train Market Ratchada, Jeans by Wrangler and bracelet by Majestic.


Image 2: Blazer by Zara, Watch by Hublot and bracelet by Majestic.

Image 3 + 4:  Hat by H&M and shirt from Train Market Ratchada for 200baht. 

Image 5 + 6: Sleeveless hooded pullover and sunglasses from Train Market Ratchada.


See this exclusive editorial here @ The Fashionisto 

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